Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Tuskegee Police Department is committed to providing a safe community and improving the quality of life for all people. We accomplish this by delivering quality Police services and enforcing laws with equity and impartiality. In partnership with the community, we reduce crime through public education, prevention, and awareness. In meeting this objective, we demand of ourselves the highest professional standards and dedication to our core values.

Core Values-PRIDE

The Tuskegee Police Department emphasizes the values of professionalism, respect, integrity and dedication with all of our employees as we strive for excellence and continuous improvement.

PROFESSIONALISM: We will demonstrate professionalism through the pursuit of the policing mission with moral and physical courage, composure, competence, and respect in a manner that upholds the highest standard of policing ethics, displays a commitment to continual self-improvement, and generates public trust, respect, and confidence.

RESPECT: We will treat citizens and co-workers with respect, regardless of the degree of respect we receive.

INTEGRITY: We will be honorable, ethical and honest in our daily interaction with the department, its members and the community we proudly serve.

DEDICATION: We will be dedicated to the organization, each other, our families and the citizens we serve.

EXCELLENCE: We will strive for excellence in everything we do. Seeking to improve and excel, always.