Tuskegee History

Tuskegee is a city in Macon County, Alabama.

Tuskegee was founded and laid out in 1833 by General Thomas Simpson Woodward, a Creek War veteran under Andrew Jackson.

Tuskegee was later incorporated in 1843.

A local newspaper, the Tuskegee News, was first published in April, 1865.

Many noted men and women of national and international fame attended educational institutions in Tuskegee.

The first law school in Alabama was located in Tuskegee. The Baptist College for Women in 1848; the Tuskegee Female College (later moved to Montgomery as Huntingdon College) in 1856; Tuskegee Military Institute for Boys; and Park High School for Boys were among the early schools that flourished before the public schools were established in 1898.

Even today, Tuskegee ranks fifth from the top of cities in Alabama having the highest percentage of college graduates. Macon County ranks fourth of the counties in the state with respect to having highest percentage of college graduates.

Presently, Tuskegee is the largest city in Macon County. At the 2010 census the population was 9,865, down from 11,846 in 2000.