Fire Department

             Fire Crest                  

   City of Tuskegee Fire Department Statement                                                     

To provide emergency services designed to protect the lives and property of the City of Tuskegee from the adverse effects of fire, sudden medical emergencies or exposure to dangerous conditions created either by man or nature through quality education and training with support from our city leaders.


Vision Statement

To provide the most efficient service for our city, we will act and perform in a safe, courteous and professional manner. As members of the Tuskegee Fire Department, we have chosen to protect the lives and property of the citizens of Tuskegee. The fire fighters have chosen to be part of a team that takes pride in representing the Tuskegee Fire Department. We will strive to create a strong bond with the community by involving them in fire education, prevention and protection.”

About the Fire Department

The Tuskegee Fire Department idea of operations is considerable in nature and professional in terms. The following divisions are the components of the department, Administration, Operations, fire marshal’s office and training.

The administration Division manages fire department resources including purchasing of goods and services, building maintenance and equipment maintenance. The City of Tuskegee ISO rating is (5/5).

The Tuskegee Fire Department operates a staff of 25 members: Fire Chief and one (1) Administrative assistant; Operations Division, twenty-one (21) firefighters; Fire Marshal, one (1); one (1) Training Captain.

The Fire Department operates one (1) fire station with two (2) Pumpers trucks, one (1) ladder truck, one (1) brush truck, two carts two (2) pickup trucks, one educational trailer and one (1) rescue. 

Operations Division

The operations function area of concern includes Fire Suppression, Rescue, Emergency Medical 1st Response, and Non-Emergency Services.

Fire Prevention Division

The objective of the Tuskegee Fire Marshal’s office is to direct its resources to provide effective service delivery in areas of public education, construction, fire protection systems installation and use, fire investigation, and code enforcement.

The Tuskegee Fire Marshal’s office will continue to be “Dedicated to the Community We Protect… and Serve”. 

The Fire Marshal’s office is a division of the Tuskegee Fire Department. The Fire Marshal’s office main responsibilities are the enforcement of city ordinances, fire codes, plan reviews, fire inspections, provide fire safety education and undertake fire investigations.

The Fire Marshal’ office responsibility is to protect the public and fire service personnel with coordinated efforts in code enforcement, fire inspections and public education thereby reducing the risk of loss of life and property due to fire and other emergencies in the City of Tuskegee.

The majority of activity is the increase in compliance of fire codes through inspections and education. The Fire Marshal’s office continuously educates property owners and tenants while conducting inspections. This helps to obtain voluntary compliance, as well as limit the number of repeat violations in the future.

The Fire Marshal’s office educational programs provide up to date life safety messages in fire and injury prevention through direct training programs, as well as presentations and demonstrations. While many programs are aimed towards children audiences, safety tips and programs are also addressed to senior citizens and businesses.

 Training Division

The Tuskegee Fire Department Training Division is responsible for developing, implementing and delivering comprehensive training programs for all certified firefighters.

As we continue to grow, we must keep up with changes to deliver the best possible service to our citizens and visitors. The fire department continue to train daily and attend other training classes outside of the fire department.


Fire Department Contact Numbers



Emergencies — Call 911